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Ms. Owens is an educator, who obtained an Associate of Arts degree in Accounting and a Bachelor’s degree in Supervision and Management, from Broward College located in Coconut Creek, FL. and she is pursuing a career as a mathematics teacher.


Ms. Owens is also the founder and president of Girls In Charge, Inc. and has served as a mentor to adolescent girls. She is very grateful for the opportunities to be an applicant of many scholarships through-out her college experience, which encouraged her to create the “Shellreter Owens Scholarship” award; to help give back to the community which will help and encourage adolescent girls to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

Tel: 954-864-2268 

Fax: 954-726-3707

Shell Owens

Founder & Owner

Meet The Owner


Ms. Shell Owens is the founder and president of Professional Business and Tax Solutions, Inc. and has been preparing tax returns in South Florida for the last 7 years. Ms. Owens duties include preparing personal and business tax returns, budget planning, bookkeeping and providing professional service at all time. She continues to improve and update her knowledge by enrolling in tax courses every year.

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